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The new cryptoassets regime in the UK:

Some practical challenges

17 March 2020

The UK has gold-plated its implementation of the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) and created a bespoke cryptoassets regime. This created some uncertainty in respect of the scope and practical application of requirements. In this virtual session we will consider difficulties that custodians of cryptoassets may face and raise some important practical points that arise when custodying cryptoassets.


Five minutes prior to the call start time, please call the appropriate dial-in number, enter the Event Plus Passcode, and state your name and company after the tone. You will then automatically be joined into the live call. To access the slides and to ask any questions throughout this session, please click here and enter the attendee password (see below).

To join the call, please dial: 0800 279 6619

If you are based outside the UK, please dial: +44 (0)207 192 8338

Event Plus Passcode: 6186804

To access the slides and to ask any questions throughout the presentation, please click here.

The attendee password is: CYwwCyuX333.

This session will also be recorded and made available on our Financial Markets Toolkit.

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Event Information
Tuesday 17
Times and Schedules
17:00 Start