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Talking Tech Live: Legal certainty in the technology environment - a silver lining?

Thursday 29 October 2020, 11am-12pm (CET)

15 October 2020

The regulatory environment around technological issues is in constant flux. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the current status and foreseeable changes. In this session, we will provide you with an overview of current developments and possible practical implications.

Our Tech Study "Ready, Steady, Grow", which we conducted together with Forbes, shows that European and US managers feel less equipped to deal with regulatory and legal issues related to advanced technologies compared to their colleagues in APAC.

In addition to the scope of regulation, the speed of regulatory change is also critical. Often, legislative or regulatory measures do not do justice to the speed of innovation in the technology sector. As a result, companies also lack the necessary planning certainty to be active in the area of conflict between control and an innovation-friendly legal framework.

In our webinar, members of our Tech Group will give you an overview of the current status of important legislative projects in Germany and the EU and what developments are on the horizon, including: GWB Novelle, Digital Services Act, New Competition Tool, use of artificial intelligence, cyber security, Tech infrastructure (including autonomous driving and 5G).

The speakers:

Dr Michael Dietrich, Partner and member of the Tech Group. Michael Dietrich focusses on German and European competition law and advises clients in connection with the digital transformation of their business models, in particular with regard to the establishment of digital platforms, access to data and risks involved in cooperation in industrial networks as well as the progressive vertical integration of production, logistics and distribution. He is also a member of working groups on digital issues of the BDI and VDMA.

Dr Thomas Voland, partner and member of the Tech Group.  Thomas Voland advises clients on issues of German and European regulatory law. His particular areas of expertise include technology, infrastructure, automotive and healthcare. His advice on technological issues includes the regulation of IoT and AI as well as data protection and cyber security. Thomas Voland is also a lecturer for European and international regulatory law at the University of Leipzig.


This webinar is part of a series covering relevant topics from our study with Forbes Insights "Ready, Steady, Grow"

To register your attendance please send an email to Veranstaltungen@cliffordchance.com


Please note: this webinar will be held in German