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Fintech - Leveling the playing field

Amsterdam, 25 October 2016

18 July 2019

On 25 October 2016, Clifford Chance Amsterdam will host a fintech event which will address the regulatory and other challenges fintech companies are facing in and outside the Netherlands. We will discuss actions taken by legislators to facilitate fintech companies, including the introduction of other/lighter regulatory regimes. In this connection we will also talk about the position of the Netherlands in relation to other countries - is there a level playing field?

The event will kick off with talks by Alvin Khodabaks and Marian Scheele, both at Clifford Chance Amsterdam. They will give a general introduction on fintech and (new) regulatory regimes in the Netherlands and abroad and outline the main differences.

The second part of the event consists of a panel discussion for which we are delighted to welcome the following speakers:

  • Kajsa Ollongren - City of Amsterdam, Councillor (wethouder) for Economic Affairs and Deputy Mayor
  • David Dab - ING Belgium, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Kalo Bagijn - BinckBank and Brand New Day, Founder
  • Dennis Dijkstra - Flow Traders, Chief Executive Officer


The panel discussion will cover both regulatory and other challenges and opportunities created by fintech to established financial institutions and new fintech companies. The panellists will also share their opinions on the Netherlands and the level playing field and, in general, the future of fintech in the current market place.

Our panel members will be joined by experts from the Global Fintech Group, including Joachim Fleury, who will moderate the panel, and Bas Boris Visser.

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Roos ten Doesschate.


Event Information
Tuesday 25
Times and Schedules
3:15 pm Registration
3:45 pm Seminar part 1 - Talks
4:45 pm Break
5:00 pm Seminar part 2 - Panel
6:00 pm Drinks

Clifford Chance LLP
Droogbak 1A
1013 GE Amsterdam