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Tech Trends 2021

Predictions for tech, human rights due diligence and ESG with Louise Brown

17 February 2021

Louise Brown, Senior Associate, says tech​ businesses will continue to be scrutinised for their negative impact on human rights​ in 2021 but she predicts that we are going to see big developments in how businesses respond this year.

In the latest in our Tech Predictions video series, Louise predicts we will see more tech firms incorporate human rights due diligence​ into their business models this year. She says in 2021, society, the law and investors will expect them to show that they have proactively assessed the human rights risks posed by their tech-related products, services, business partners and supply chain​, before they go to market.

Louise also predicts further large claims focused on tech-related human rights harms in 2021, similar to those aimed at tech giants in the US who were sued for harms occurring in their supply chain.

View video below.