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Tech Trends 2021

Predictions for AI and data ethics, internet regulation and cyber security with Herbert Swaniker

10 February 2021

Herbert Swaniker, Tech Group associate, shares his predictions for AI and data ethics, internet regulation and cyber security in the fifth video in our 2021 Tech predictions video series. Herbert says 2021 has to be the year where AI law and policy moves from ethical principles to practice. He anticipates a shift in US AI policy signalled by President Biden's appointment of Alondra Nelson and predicts 2021 may be the year when we see the various US bills designed to tackle AI bias and facial recognition translate into practice.

On regulation of the internet and online content, Herbert predicts a more agile intervention approach will be taken, with privacy laws increasingly being used in novel ways to fill the gap between new incoming content laws (like the proposed EU Digital Services Act) and the need to protect people now from online disinformation and illegal content.

Herbert predicts we'll see new cyber commercial partnerships emerge this year as well as increased investment in security for networks and messaging platforms to ensure appropriate cybercrime protection. He anticipates the types of data traditionally most attractive to cyber criminals such as financial data will be replaced in 2021 by sensitive personal information such as health data.

View video below.