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AI: 7 Legal Questions

Where are we with AI law?

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24 November 2017

Artificial intelligence is the stuff of science fiction no more: technologies we use every day, from facial recognition to recommendation engines on e-commerce websites, already have built into them the ability to learn and to apply that learning to improve themselves. New products and services are emerging daily that use the rapidly evolving ability of machines to analyse the world around them and make their own decisions. What are the legal implications of the emergence of this new generation of technologies? What is artificial intelligence and what is the law to make of it? If machines can make their own decisions, will they be legally responsible? How do we keep autonomous machine ethical and law-abiding? Who owns the intellectual property created by an intelligence machine? These are some of the issues raised by the dawn of this new era of technology we consider in our podcast Artificial Intelligence: Seven Legal Questions.

Talking Tech Podcast: Artificial Intelligence - Seven Legal Questions.

1.       Introduction

2.       The Three Waves of AI

3.       First Question: Personality

4.       Second Question: Responsibility

5.       Third Question: Compliance

6.       Fourth Question: Discrimination

7.       Fifth Question: Transparency

8.       Sixth Question: Ownership

9.       Seventh Question: Labour

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