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Our relationship with AI

Exploring global attitudes to AI and regulation

11 November 2021

Our expert panel discussed highlights from our recently published research study, ‘Our Relationship with AI: Friend or Foe’, an extensive global YouGov survey of more than 1,000 tech policy professionals, developed in collaboration with global advisory firm Milltown Partners. We explored AI issues such as trust and bias, and challenged some of the commonly held misconceptions around attitudes to AI regulation and law. We also shared our predictions for AI in 2022.

The panel featured guest speakers Elisabeth Braw (Senior Fellow at American Enterprise Institute), Kay Firth-Butterfield (Head of AI & Machine Learning at World Economic Forum) and Leo Rees (Director, Technology Policy at Milltown Partners), along with Clifford Chance partners Megan Gordon, Jonathan Kewley, Dessislava Savova, and senior associate Herbert Swaniker.