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Clifford Chance is delighted to be sponsoring a forthcoming Special Edition of the Journal of Law, Information & Science (JLIS) on Smart Legal Contracts

Publication April 2020

02 October 2019

The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG, the Editorial Board of the JLIS, and Special Editor Dr Jason Grant Allen invite submissions to a Special Edition of the JLIS on smart legal contracts for publication in April 2020

Sir Geoffrey Vos, Chancellor of the High Court of England and Wales, has already contributed the Lead Article on End-to-End Smart Legal Contracts: Moving from Aspiration to Reality.

Special Edition Scope

This special edition will explore what it would take for “smart legal contracts”—transactional algorithms that express enforceable legal relations—to move from concept into practice. This involves considerations of how “end to end” solutions might operate, what elements (“smart” and conventional) they might include, and what legal issues they might raise. Submissions are invited from specialists in law, humanities, social sciences and STEM disciplines. Academic, technical, inter-disciplinary and cross-jurisdictional perspectives are welcome.

Suggested Topics
  • The concept of smart contracts (e.g. neither “smart” nor “contracts”, relation to other transactional algorithms, relation to cryptoassets, the notion of a “contract stack”);
  • Use cases for smart contracts (e.g. present and future applications, looking beyond financial transactions, use in organisation and governance);
  • The legal basis of “smart legal contracts” (e.g. choice of law, incorporation of terms, anonymity/pseudonymity);
  • Interactions between smart contracts and conventional law (e.g. the “Zamfir/Szabo debate”, smart contracts and conflicts of laws, jurisdiction over DAOs);
  • Design principles, elements, and emerging best practices (e.g. dispute resolution layers, security standards, coding languages)

Clifford Chance is sponsoring an Essay Prize of £500 for early and mid-career scholars. Entries will be judged by the Special Editor and Sir Geoffrey Vos.

Further Details

For further details about particular topics of interest, the format for submissions and relevant deadlines, please see the JLIS website.