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Artificial intelligence: Can we go from chaos to cooperation?

American Enterprise Institute Webinar, Tuesday 7 December | 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM ET

19 November 2021

Are we headed for an artificial intelligence (AI) arms race? AI is growing so rapidly, including in developing countries, that it is predicted to generate $13 trillion in economic activity by 2030. But there is little international agreement on what constitutes AI and even less on how to regulate this transformative — and potentially dangerous — form of technology.

Today, China, the EU, and the US address this problem differently; meanwhile, companies forge ahead in perfecting new AI-aided tools. Without technical and ethical AI standards, the international community faces disarray that stands to leave companies and consumers worldwide with default technologies that are unethical and dangerous.

Join AEI’s Elisabeth Braw as she hosts the University of Oxford’s Xiaolan Fu, Clifford Chance’s Jonathan Kewley, and NATO’s David van Weel to discuss the AI arms race and the prospect of international cooperation.

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