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Blockchain and Crypto Assets conference

15 November, Moscow

14 July 2021

On 15 November the conference Blockchain and crypto assets for financial market professionals, supported by Clifford Chance, will be held in Moscow.

The CBonds conference targets financial market professionals and others from the financial sector who have experience dealing with crypto funds and stock exchanges.

Speakers from Clifford Chance, FinTech Association, RACIB, Sun Crypto Management, Moscow Exchange, Sberbank and many others will focus on:

- Russian economic realities and the extent to which the current regulatory environment and infrastructure can accommodate new technologies;

- examples of the establishment of crypto funds and work with crypto assets;

- the best investment ideas on the crypto assets market;

- real-life cases of successful use of blockchain technology in business;

- the outlook for further development and implementation of new technologies in the financial market.

Clifford Chance counsel Evgeny Soloviev will moderate the panel discussion on Russian regulatory environment and infrastructure for fintech, and will speak on data protection with the use of blockchains.

For further details, please have a look at the agenda.