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Clifford Chance - Tech Policy in 2021

What are the trends and what's going to happen?

17 November 2020

We are delighted to invite you join a panel discussion on Wednesday 2 December 2020 at 15:00 (GMT), where we will be discussing the major trends and political risks in the tech policy space, and predicting what might happen in 2021.

Our outstanding panel will explore some of the biggest issues in tech policy right now: big tech vs governments, east vs west, emerging litigation, supply chain and vendor risks, privacy intrusion, mass surveillance, AI bias, trade and tech and more.

Panellists include:

  • Jonathan Kewley, Partner and co-head of Tech Group at Clifford Chance, introducing
  • Edward Bowles, Director of Public Policy at Facebook
  • Tom Standage, Deputy Editor of the Economist and co-host of the "Secret History of the Future" podcast
  • Dr Carissa Véliz, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and the Institute for Ethics in AI, and a Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy at Hertford College, Oxford University and author of new bestseller, Privacy is Power
  • Samantha Ward, Clifford Chance litigation partner and tech expert
  • Phillip Souta, Head of Tech Policy Unit, Clifford Chance and panel moderator

Please email us if you'd like to register for the event.