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Fintech Partnerships: How to make yours a success

Thursday 20 May - 15:00 - 16:30 BST

20 May 2021

Clifford Chance is collaborating with DLF and Rise, created by Barclays to bring together a collaborative innovation network of pioneering FinTech startups and large enterprise organisations to accelerate collaboration, navigate complex regulatory environments, and unleash disruptive innovation.

Fintech business models are often based around ambitions for partnership with established firms, and can be a very powerful way for financial services leaders to modernise their infrastructure and deliver cutting-edge financial products and services.

But how can fintechs and large enterprises both thrive in such partnerships in a way that allows business and innovation to flourish? In addition, what risks and regulations should fintechs be aware of, and how can daring, innovative fintechs and more risk-averse large enterprises best manage their relationship and collaboratively approach such risks over time as their partnership evolves?

Join this session to:

  • Explore the different models for partnerships, and practical guides on how to execute these different models in a way that will best place your business to succeed.
  • Understand some of the legal and practical challenges involved with partnering with established financial services players, both at inception and during the lifecycle of a relationship.
  • Gain key insights on the motivations of fintechs and large enterprises to collaborate with one another in a way that is mutually beneficial and will allow innovation to thrive at scale.
  • Discover how to handle complex situations relating to partnerships, alignment of strategy, and navigation of the regulatory landscape.
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