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PRC data protection developments and their impact on multinational companies

Option 1: Wednesday 8 September Option 2: Thursday 9 September

26 August 2021

China recently enacted the Data Security Law and the Personal Information Protection Law (the PRC Data Protection Laws), which are scheduled to come into effect from 1 September 2021 and 1 November 2021 respectively. The PRC Data Protection Laws will affect any institution that processes personal data relating to Chinese citizens anywhere in the world.

  • What preparations do institutions need to complete in order to comply with the PRC Data Protection Laws and by when?
  • How do the PRC Data Protection Laws compare with data protection regimes in other jurisdictions like the US and EU?
  • What supplemental regulations to the PRC Data Protection Laws are still to come and what can we expect in future PRC regulations?

This webinar will be run twice at the following times:

Option 1: 

Wednesday 8 September
9:30am London time / 10:30am Brussels time / 4:30pm Hong Kong time


Thursday 9 September
9:30am New York time / 2:30pm London time/ 3:30pm Brussels time/ 9:30pm Hong Kong time

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