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Talking Tech Live: Tech opportunities and risks: Are the management boards ready?

Thursday 1 December 2020, 11am-12pm (CET)

25 November 2020

In our "Ready, Steady, Grow" survey conducted with Forbes Insights, 55% of the executives surveyed said they would need to devote more attention and resources to the legal and regulatory issues surrounding technology-driven innovation in the future.

However, the question arises as to how much understanding of technological peculiarities can and must be assumed within the company management. Can a certain level of digital competence in the management board be legally relevant? Are there already clearly defined limits or requirements, for example, with regard to a possible liability claim in the event of damage? Or does the management board only have to deal with these issues if, for example, it is considered to allow algorithm-based management decisions in its own company?

Experts from our Tech Group - Christine Gärtner, Partner in Litigation, Dr. Claudia Milbradt, Partner, Head of the German IP and Tech Group, Philipp Klöckner, Partner in Capital Markets Law and Dr. Marc Benzler, Partner in Financial Supervision Law - explain which legal requirements or risks arise in particular for management in connection with digital topics and which measures can be taken to counteract them.

This webinar is part of a series covering relevant topics from our study with Forbes Insights "Ready, Steady, Grow"

To register your attendance please send an email to Veranstaltungen@cliffordchance.com


Please note: this webinar will be held in German