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Talking Tech Live: The right pace for technology-driven growth

Thursday 25 June 2020, 11am-12pm (CET)

18 June 2020

Keeping up with international competition, especially in the tech sector, companies often act have to act fast But how fast is right and what risks lurk around the corner?

To drive the digital transformation rapidly, many companies are focusing on growth through technology transactions in a highly competitive market. Compared to other M&A transactions, there are a number of special features that apply here, for example with regard to due diligence, transaction structuring and transaction documentation. In particular, great importance is attached to preserving the culture of innovation and maintaining functioning IT structures, as well as to the integration of new IT structures; after all, in addition to the products to be acquired, the acquirer is often primarily concerned with the acquisition of experts and implementation know-how, as well as with the smoothest possible integration of new IT solutions into existing structures.

From 5G expansion to digital health, and from a regulatory point of view in particular, legislation often lags behind developments, but Germany wants to be an international pioneer in this area, and policymakers are striving to speed things up.

In the first of our webinar series, our tech partners Dr. Claudia Milbradt, Dr. Gunnar Sachs and Dr. Jörg Rhiel, will discuss what you need to consider in tech transactions, from initiation to the post-merger integration of a new business, how the distribution of rights in research cooperations or contract development can be made sustainable and how IT transitions can be best implemented?

This webinar is the first part of a series covering relevant topics from our study with Forbes Insights "Ready, Steady, Grow"

To register, please send an email to Veranstaltungen@cliffordchance.com.
Please note: this webinar will be held in German