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Big Data in eHealth

Munich, 6 December 2017

18 July 2019

Digitalisation in the healthcare sector has led corporates to devise a growing number of medical apps. "The long-term goal in the industry is to fully replace current forms of therapy with digital solutions," says Dr. Gunnar Sachs, Partner in our Tech Group who brings longstanding experience in the healthcare sector to the table.

Together with representatives from IBM Watson, Gunnar will present more on the topic of eHealth and medical apps at the upcoming BTA (Bayerische TelemedAllianz) event "Big Data in eHealth" in Munich on 6 December 2017.

"Fact is that to develop and launch medical apps entails a lot of legal and regulatory intricacies. Particularly the financing of new apps, but also their roll-out with physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers can incur significant risks. Because the regulatory framework is not yet fully harmonised throughout Europe, country-specific assessments may become necessary," says Gunnar.

If you are interested in eHealth and have questions around medical apps, meet him at the BAT event in Munich on 6 December.