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Blockchain East - Summit & Trade Show

Beyond Cryptocurrency: Exploring the Business of Blockchain

18 July 2019

Learn from those with in-depth experience in applying blockchain technology to a full range of forward-thinking use cases in business and government.

Clifford Chance's David Felsenthal and Jesse Overall are to speak at the upcoming Blockchain East Summit, taking place at the Wyndham NewYorker, New York 8-10 October 2018.

David is moderating a panel on Blockchain & Litigation: Regulatory, Civil & Criminal Update; whilst Jesse is a contributor on the panel : The Tokenization of Everything.

Reasons to Attend
  • ADD REAL VALUE TO YOUR ORGANIZATION: Walk away with actionable knowledge of how to use blockchain to drive results, efficiency, and transparency.
  • THE MOST ENTERPRISE FOCUSED BLOCKCHAIN EVENT ON THE EAST COAST: We’re going beyond the fads and delivering actionable knowledge to improve your organization.
  • DISCOVER HOW BLOCKCHAIN FITS INTO YOUR ORGANIZATION'S LONG TERM STRATEGY: Gain a full understanding of the blockchain tech stack, how it’s being used, and how it will revolutionize the way we transact with each other.
  • SEPARATE HYPE FROM REALITY: We’ve all read the news regarding massive gains in the value of cryptocurrency, talk of a bubble, and hype around enterprise blockchain — but what is the reality when it comes to actual implementation of blockchain in business? Our experts break it down.
  • LEARN FROM THE WORLD’S LEADING BLOCKCHAIN EXPERTS: From creators of new blockchain based technologies and decentralized applications to industry-leading consultants, regulators, and investors, we’ve gathered the best.
  • HEAR FIRST HAND WAR STORIES FROM THE PEOPLE BEHIND BLOCKCHAIN PROOF OF CONCEPTS, PILOTS & BEYOND: Every one of our handpicked speakers has real world, in-depth experience in both theoretical and practical implementation of blockchain applications from a diverse range of industries.

For more information about this event, please visit the event website.