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Talking Tech: All roads lead to digitalization

Madrid , 15 November 2018

18 July 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI), data and intellectual property (IP) all raise a number of important questions. Who may claim ownership of content created by a machine? Can software and blockchain be protected by a patent? If you would like to understand how to secure your IP in blockchain, the Internet of Things and AI, how to minimise the risk of infringing third parties’ rights and what you need to keep in mind when looking at IP-based tech transactions, we invite you to come to listen to our international IP experts at our roadshow across Europe.

To register for this event, please contact Ebba Bahl.

Event Information
Thursday 15
Times and Schedules
4:00pm Registration and reception
4:30pm Session
6:15pm Q&A Session
6:30pm Get together with food and drinks

Clifford Chance
Paseo de la Castellana 110
28046 Madrid