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Maximising returns on digital investments

A paper from the World Economic Forum

15 May 2018

Digital transformation is occurring at an unprecedented pace. It is a key driver of sweeping change in the world, improving people’s lives and creating a more connected world. It also opens new opportunities for businesses to grow and create value.

Most business leaders understand the potential effect of digital transformation on business and society. However, many do not see a clear path to bridging the gaps that inevitably occur when innovation moves faster than existing organizational and societal frameworks. This creates a gap between leadership’s strategic digital intent and its operational execution. This is one of the main inhibitors to unlocking the value of digitalization and to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

As part of our role as a partner to the World Economic Forum, Oliver Campbell, Global Head of Client Service Solutions, contributed to this paper, which aims to contribute to the debate on the return on digital investments. Through quantitative and qualitative analyses of existing digital investments, it provides a framework to give business leaders the best possible chance of addressing many challenges – driving cultural change, bridging the digital skills gap across workforce levels, changing customer expectations, data privacy and security – and maximizing the return on upcoming investments. 

To read the full report, please click here.