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Tech Trends 2021

Predictions for Tech-related enforcement and litigation with Samantha Ward

10 February 2021

Will there be more AI litigation in 2021?

Tech Group partner Samantha Ward shares her top predictions for Tech-Related enforcement and litigation​ in 2021 in the next video from our annual Tech​ Predictions series. Sam's headline prediction for 2021 and beyond is that AI-related risk remains one to watch and that there will be a significant uptick in high profile and large scale AI​ litigation for the year to come. Watch the video to find out why.

Sam also says that while the COVID-19​ pandemic took much of the focus of regulators last year tech associated risks have not diminished or gone off the enforcement agenda and predicts that we'll see a continued trend in tech related enforcement and litigation this year with authorities being super-selective and strategic in deciding which cases to advance.

View video below.