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Tech Trends 2021

Predictions for tech M&A, global productivity and tech in Africa with Jennifer Mbaluto

12 February 2021

Partner Jennifer Mbaluto shares her predictions for Tech​ M&A, global productivity and Tech in Africa​ in the next episode of our 2021 Tech Predictions video series.

She predicts we will see a continuation of the high levels of Tech M&A activity seen in 2020 with further market consolidation as Big Tech firms jostle for supremacy, increased investment in the e=commerce, healthcare, education, food delivery, entertainment and media industries is spurred on by COVID-19​ and private equity​ firms take even more interest in tech sector opportunities.

Jennifer predicts that technology will fuel global productivity in 2021 and help address issues like unemployment and immigration. She foresees further adoption of concepts such as the Digital Nomad Visa and more flexible employment, immigration and tax laws this year. Finally, Jennifer believes Africa's Tech sector will see exponential growth in 2021 and predicts that investment in the Africa tech scene will exceed the $1 billion mark this year. 

View video below.