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Digital banking symposium 2020:

Managing legal and regulatory risks faced by gigital banks in APAC

04 November 2020

As emerging technologies continue to disrupt the financial services industry, regulators are hot on the tails of digital banks to ensure financial stability and consumer protection.

In this session at the Digital Banking Symposium 2020, informative panel discussion, we discuss the key policies, laws and regulations faced by digital banks; the unique risks these can create; and how early planning and risk management can help to ensure compliance, reduce mediation costs, aid growth and protect business reputation.

Topics discussed:
  • Key lessons learned over the last year
  • The best organisational structures for success
  • External risks and mitigation strategies
  • Emerging trends in the APAC regulatory landscape and the opportunities these may present.
The speakers include:
  • Ling Ho, Partner and Head of IP for Asia, Clifford Chance
  • Luke Grubb, Partner and Head of Asia Pacific Tech Group, Clifford Chance
  • Paul Landless, Partner and head of global Tech Group, Clifford Chance
  • Carl Hollingsworth, Head of Legal and Corporate Governance, Mox Bank
  • Robert Kensit, Head of Legal and Regulatory Advice, Credit Suisse