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COVID-19 and the new rise of regulation

An FTT chat with Caroline Dawson

08 July 2020

Partner, Caroline Dawson joins Fintech Talents on their ongoing series – FTT Chats – where innovation, new entrants, and emerging technologies in Fintech is discussed.

In this FTT Chat, Dawson discusses how the financial services industry is responding to COVID-19, the impact this pandemic will have on regulatory oversight and how the regulatory community can harness technology to support supervision.

“What came out of the 2008 financial crisis was essentially ten years of regulation and this is another systemically important market wide event,” says Dawson. “I don’t want to depress anyone by saying [COVID-19] will give rise to ten years of regulation, but clearly it has the potential to give rise to new regulation because we’re seeing novel situations and we’re seeing a new angle on existing situations.”

Watch the full interview below: