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The Fintech Files: Payments and Crypto

Box Set - Part One - Myth-busting cryptoasset regulation

29 July 2021

Fintech is on fire. In the first half of 2021 alone, UK fintechs raised $5.7bn of venture capital investment. Revolut raised $800m at a £24bn valuation in July 2021, making it the UK’s most valuable fintech, while Wise completed the first direct listing of shares on the London Stock Exchange, at a $11bn valuation. Meanwhile, longer established financial institutions continue to develop their own fintech products, and look acquisitively at smaller startups.

But alongside the growth and excitement comes a constantly evolving regulatory environment, and legal ambiguity.

We teamed up with Crafty Counsel to go deep on fintech in the UK, focusing on the fast-growing payments and crypto markets. What keeps clients awake at night? What are the big market trends? What are the regulators thinking?

Each video tackles one aspect of the fintech legal environment that is relevant right now, focusing on the practicalities and market intelligence.

Video one: Myth-busting cryptoasset regulation

Crypto is one of the most talked about and volatile sectors of the global financial system. However, amid all the noise, some myths have taken hold - and it’s time to bust them open.

Is it really true that if a token is not a “security”, then it’s unregulated?

Are banks “good to go” on issuing crypto tokens?

“My competitor does it - why can’t I?”

Monica Sah, Partner and Diego Ballon Ossio, Senior Associate and members of the Clifford Chance Tech Group, set the record straight in this short video.