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Tech Trends 2021

Predictions for Tech and Antitrust with Sharis Pozen

08 February 2021

Sharis Pozen, Partner and co-chair of our global Antitrust team, reveals her major predictions for Tech and antitrust highlighting six potential trends for enforcement and data in this short video, the third in our Tech Predictions for 2021 series.

Sharis anticipates:

  1. even more antitrust enforcement against Big Tech firms in 2021 building on the numerous law suits and private actions filed around the globe last year;
  2. growth in antitrust litigation in the adtech​ space;
  3. continued scrutiny of Tech M&A & further merger litigation by US agencies;
  4. greater focus by the antitrust authorities on use of technologies such as algorithms​, machine learning and blockchain​ and review of potential anti-competitive conduct in industries that use these technologies;
  5. the conflation of antitrust, privacy​ and data. Governments around the globe are enacting legislation initiatives around data and are concerned about the power that accumulated data represents; and
  6. legislative action in the US on its antitrust laws and standards which might result in changes to antitrust laws (but might not!).

View video below.