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Tech Trends 2021

Predictions for PropTech with Matt Taylor

15 February 2021

Partner Matt Taylor shares his predictions for Proptech​ in 2021 in the next in our Tech Predictions video series.


Matt thinks that 2021 stands to be a very important year for technology and real estate​ and that what we will see this year is technology really at the core of the property industry. ESG and Proptech will be big news in 2021 and Matt predicts a continued rise in facilities management technologies that help buildings to gather performance data and operate efficiently. He also predicts greater environmental efficiency will be achieved in the Construction industry through use of remote viewing and monitoring technologies such as drone surveys, personal cameras on construction workers and increased use of robotics​ and off-site modular construction, all lowering the need for travel and reducing errors . On the social side of ESG, Matt predicts technologies that facilitate employee wellbeing in office space such as air quality monitoring and apps that help improve the occupier experience will be popular. And to attract workers back to the office environment, they will become even more high tech and user-friendly, offering excellent connectivity and convenience. For building owners, presence monitoring tech will be deployed to ensure best use of space. As life returns to the high street, shoppers in 2021 will want unique experiences that are regularly updated, driving the need for flexible leasing and use of tech to enable new experiences to be brought to retail environments. Apps will enable offline shops to share their inventories on Google enabling easy searching by consumers. Finally the importance of data will grow further in the proptech​ sector.

View video below.