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Antitrust and Regulatory in the telecoms sector

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19 June 2019

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A changing landscape

The telecommunications sector has been going through a period of profound transformation as a result of advances in information technology and regulatory changes. A key trend is the emergence of new competitors with new business models who are dependent on the established players’ existing infrastructure. Along with developments relating to net neutrality, roaming, data protection and network security, these trends give rise to new competition and regulatory challenges.

Consolidation in mature markets

Most mature telecoms markets are concentrated. Joint ventures and mergers will be subject to close scrutiny by competition authorities. Anticipating the authorities’ thinking is key to effectively managing regulatory processes and avoiding unnecessary roadblocks.



Net neutrality

Debates around net neutrality continue to shape telecoms regulation around the world, yet the implementations of the principle vary considerably across jurisdictions. Telcos need to understand both the legal regulations and the dynamics that shape the net neutrality debate in each jurisdiction that they operate in.

Critical platforms

Technology platforms, whether open-source or proprietary, serve as the hubs of the technology industry. The strategic behaviour of the firms controlling key platforms may have a profound impact on industry evolution. Dominant market players can hinder the development and market access of rival operating systems, applications and services or otherwise abuse their dominant position. Whether you provide a platform or depend on one (or more than one), you will need the full picture of the antitrust issues and competition rules that apply.