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Finance, tax and disputes in the telecoms sector

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19 June 2019

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Finance advice for the TMT sector

Telco financing strategies are often complex, ranging from funding acquisitions in content providers, next generation broadband and cloud services; debt and equity capital markets work; satellite finance and infrastructure investments, often involving domestic and cross-border elements. Having advised on financings for over a quarter of the world's listed entities and more than half of the companies in the Global Fortune 500, including many telcos, we know the ins and outs across the full range of finance and capital markets products, and understand the many intricacies involved.

Tax: A global footprint

We have offices and tax expertise across 25 countries to assist telcos on tax matters. In Europe, supranational tax developments such as the "Google" Tax (Diverted Profits Tax), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), the European Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting project (BEPS) and state aid challenges are key issues we can advise on.

More than good litigators

Telco disputes will often turn on complex issues that are shaped not only by the contractual rights and obligations of private parties but also by the many layers of regulation - and regulators – that govern telecommunications. When the future of their business stands to be decided by a court or an investigator, telcos need more than able litigators fighting their corner: they need experts who understand the economic and regulatory dynamics of the telecoms sector, often in more than one jurisdiction. From contractual disputes to regulatory investigations, only a legal team with the right mix of dispute resolution skills and sectoral expertise can adequately represent businesses as complex as telecoms operators.